8 braid hairstyles that look great

Braid hairstyles are cute and sexy and are quickly becoming a popular trend for celebrities like Jessica Alba and non-celebrities. In addition to the side and classic French braids, there are many braids that look fantastic and are easy to make.

1. The two-strand twist. In contrast to dreadlocks, the double-strand rotation is easier, simpler and smoother and can be maintained for up to a few weeks. The trick to preventing this style from looking dirty and matted is to remember that the smaller the turn, the longer it will last. Also, when using hair products like pomade or cream, be careful not to use smooth oil products as this will make hair look smooth and dirty.

2. Box braids. This type of braid involves the use of hair extensions and is very popular with African Americans as well as with many other women. It's also one of the longest-lasting braid hairstyles, but it can also take a long time. If you don't have a hairdresser yet, you can find one near you that specializes in box braids.

3. Braids for short hair. Assuming you don't have extremely short hair like an elf cut, you can do braids in your hair for a cute hairstyle. One of the most popular braids for short hair is the horizontal braid. This style applies hair from ear to ear over the head rather than the back or side. Horizontal braids are flirty and fun and perfect if you have a chin-length bob.

4. Classic French braids. For medium and long hair, French braids are a classic and elegant hairstyle. It can be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will be braiding your hair in no time.

5. Herringbone weave. This braid is ideal for long locks and has an elegant and beautiful style that can be worn for everyday use or for special occasions. It's a little more complicated than the French braid, but is easily picked up by most women and is done in a matter of minutes once you get the hang of it.

6. Side braids. The side braids are perfect for long and medium hair and are a fun way to combine a braided look. You can even make side braids if you have layers, although it is easier if the layers are near the chin or in long layers in the back.

7. English braids. This style starts at the neck and resembles a French braid. Start at the neck, separate into three sections, and start braiding.

8. Heidi braids. Heidi braids are created when two braids are crossed at the neck and placed around the head. These are fun and flirty and ideal for longer locks.

Bonus 1. rope braids. These folds are created by dividing your hair into two parts at the nape of your neck and then turning both parts clockwise (one at a time). Once a few inches of hair is twisted, place the right section of hair over the left and twist it in the opposite direction. It may seem complicated, but it is fairly simple and looks very different from traditional braids.

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