Choose a hairstyle based on your face

For a new haircut, some things need to be examined before you switch to it. You need to take into account the shape and size of your face, your head, the type of hair, weight and height, and most importantly, your lifestyle. Wondering if we need all of this for a new haircut? Well … you won't regret considering all of this.

Consider the shape and size of your face and head.

For a square face, you should soften the features by using soft layers that start just below the jaw line. Slim and long hairstyles also go well with square faces.

If you have a round face, start layers on your cheeks and adopt curved, long bangs to less emphasize the roundness of your face. If you combine the layers and the long bangs, your face will appear a little longer.

All types of hairstyles go well with a perfect oval face. This type of face welcomes long, sweeping bangs as well as medium haircuts.

For a heart-shaped face, a medium-length haircut that starts just below the jaw line is best. Pony fringes on the face ends can even out the narrower face bottom.

weight size
Longer hair usually makes you look thinner, while shorter haircuts make you look heavy. The longer the hair, the shorter you appear and the shorter the hair, the larger you appear. If you are small and thin, a shorter hairstyle is enough. For robust, tall people, longer hair is better. As an experiment, you can try out some wigs or use pens or clips to see how different haircuts appear on you.

For busy, fast-paced people, a haircut would be suitable for washing and wearing. If you are leisurely, you can do haircuts that can take some time to style.

Curly or wavy hair may not take up straight and sleek haircuts. But nowadays salons work wonders on your hair. If your hair looks frizzy you can ask the salon to give you a bob like Victoria Beckham. After all, all haircuts reflect your personality, and as such, you need to choose the one that fits what you want to be in your life.

As we saw, the hairstyle fits the different face shapes and sizes. You should choose your hairstyle, taking into account the shape and size of your face. This ensures that your hairstyle suits you and complements your face shape.

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