Ancient Greek hairstyles

Since Greece was the oldest civilization, the Greeks were the trendsetters of a number of things, including ancient Greek hairstyles! In the simplest terminology, hairstyle is a style in which a person's hair is cut and set. The hairstyles of the Greeks were an indispensable part of their personality and aptly reflected the social, political and cultural history of the Greek period. These hairstyles were also a revelation of the customs, uniqueness and characteristic personality of the ancient Greeks.

Since the beginning of civilization, men and especially women have paid great attention to the way their hair is made. Women have obviously been increasingly cautious about their hair, as well-groomed hair is part of the concept of good looks, jewelry, and a pleasant look. Even in the history of Greek civilization, people have paid attention to beauty and personal hygiene.

The oldest hairstyles were the result of using knives, hairpins, and combs. Over time, women started using hair accessories and artistic wigs. In fact, all old women were considered more attractive if their hair was both long and thick. It was believed that the length and thickness of the hair gave it more beauty and contributed to the look of a woman.

The ancient Greek hairstyles were unique in several ways. The most popular hairstyle was the "green knot". For this special style, the ancient Greek women held their hair together and formed a knot on the neck. Since then, buns and knots with new variations have always been fashionable. The ancient Greeks also used saffron to lighten the color of their hair and further improve the style.

It wasn't that only Greek women were fascinated by hairstyles; the Greek men weren't too far back either; The most common hairstyle that most Greek men wore in ancient times was – short and curly. As newer fashion trends appeared, these people added a variety of embellishments to their hairstyles. Most of these decorations were made of gold, silver and ivory.

During one of the ancient Greek periods, there is a record that the hair is short, chin-length, and curly. With the advent of fashion and the awareness of looking fashionable, hairstyling trends became more and more imaginative. The hairstyles that gained popularity were those adorned with ribbons, gold, precious stones and pearls.

There was also a time in Greek history when the focus of the hairstyles went into hibernation. Even the use of wigs became less common. Later, with technological advances, however, more and more men and women went to the hairdresser to give their personality a completely new look via the hairstyle route. "Comparatively modern" ancient Greek hairstyles included "crimping" – a style in which waves were created in the hair with a hot iron. Such a style has long been fashionable in ancient Greece. Even today, crimping is the most frequently chosen hairstyle for young girls, especially if they want a unique look of Greek hairstyles!

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