Do men prefer long or short hair to women?

Tangled's Rapunzel was definitely a sweetie in Disney's animated CGI film, but even before Disney started the classic fairy tale, a woman's hair was always her crowning glory. However, this raises the age-old question: Do men prefer long or short hair in women? If you want to attract men, should you use long, flowing curls or a sportier, shorter hairstyle?

For centuries, people have held the belief that men generally prefer longer hair over women because longer hair is inherently more attractive, while shorter hair can be considered boyish or masculine – and perceived as unattractive. The question is: does this age-old belief still apply today?

Science has proven it

According to scientific studies, the answer is positive.

In an experiment by Professor Tamas Bereckzkei from the Hungarian University of Pecs, the professor of psychology put various hairstyles on female faces to the test.

It was found that the longer hairstyles consistently outperformed the shorter hairstyles in terms of the perceived attractiveness of female faces. Just as the ancient beliefs dictated, longer hairstyles meant an increase in perceived attractiveness, while shorter hairstyles showed a decrease in attractiveness.

In a separate study by the Daily Mail Reporter, conducted on a sample population of 3,000 men, a large percentage of 43% of respondents preferred longer hairstyles for women, while the rest of the respondents had different answers with no degree of consistency. When asked, the respondents mostly said that long hair looks sexy and more feminine in women.

Another study by the research journal Human Nature showed that men also prefer longer hair for women and that using a longer hairstyle can increase the attractiveness of a woman who used to have a shorter hairstyle.

Increase your own attractiveness

What we can learn from these various studies is that men generally prefer women with longer hair, and that longer hair growth and switching to a different hairstyle can actually increase your perceived attractiveness as a woman. If you're going to change your hairstyle to attract men, make sure you're familiar with these changes. After all, your hairstyle is part of who you are, and you shouldn't have to compromise with yourself just to be more attractive.

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