5 simple Sedu hairstyle tips

Every year – probably every month – a new product is launched on the beauty market that eliminates wrinkles better than any other cream, whitens teeth better than any other toothpaste, or reduces the hideous appearance of cellulite better than any other product that it can believe do we really make all of these claims?

A product that has come onto the market is the Sedu iron, with which frizzy, curly or wavy hair is straightened or straight hair is made even smoother!

These straighteners have tourmaline / ceramic plates that prevent the normal pulling and breaking of hair that other irons can induce, and the use of negative ions helps to reduce the time required for the entire process. The ingenious use of infrared technology keeps your hair soft, smooth and maintains the natural shine of your hair. As with all new things, a little practice is required to optimize the required effect, but it's worth sticking out with. Just think of the money you could save if you no longer have to go to a salon every time you want hair AND you can have beautiful hair every day !!!

To help you get started, here are some important tips for Sedu hairstyle:

1. No matter what hair type you have, it must be in the best possible condition before starting. It is advisable to invest in a high quality hair conditioner and also in a conditioner. Do your homework here, remember, the most expensive is not always the best. These products protect your hair from heat and prevent it from drying out.

2. The Sedu irons have a variable temperature control. This has many advantages, such as B. Saving electricity and reducing the time it takes the iron to heat up. However, you need to be very careful at the beginning to make sure you find the right setting for your hair type. Too hot will make your hair dry and frizzy and too low will leave you disappointed with the results.

3. It is important that you dry your hair properly before you begin to make sure that you position the hair dryer nozzle down and parallel to your hair. Using a large round brush is a good idea to prevent your hair from becoming frizzy.

4. All that's left is to choose and create your Sedu hairstyle !!

5. Probably the most important tip of all is to CAREFULLY READ THE MANUFACTURER'S MANUAL!

Photos of the many seduced hairstyles can be found in any popular beauty or hairdressing magazine or online at – Everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Jennifer Lopez wears these fantastic ultra-straight styles so the world is your oyster. There is a Sedu creation for every taste.

Flat bars are available in many different brands and with large price differences. The Sedu straighteners are by no means cheap, but a great investment, as they always give wonderful results if you follow this Sedu hairstyle tips.

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