How to gel your skin tone and hairstyle

Choosing the right hair color is not about finding your favorite shade or telling your hairdresser which color you most admire in your favorite star. What looks good on your neighbor or best friend may look terrible for you. This is because the hair color that suits you completely depends on your skin tone.

When choosing your hair color, first of all take into account the natural color of your hair, your eye color and your skin tone in harmony.

Remember that pale skin adapts to almost all hair colors. However, you need to avoid shades of red or golden blonde if your skin is pink. If your skin tone is yellow, you need to stay away from shades of yellow, gold, or orange, as these emphasize the yellow color of your skin and make you look awkward. The darker hair colors are best for olive-green skin. A person with olive-green skin has a medium-sized skin with a hint of green undertones and tans easily. If you're such a person, you can go for maroon, red, and red tones with cooler notes. Keep in mind that the wrong hair color can ruin your look. Therefore, it is a must that you match your skin tone with your hair.

I advise you, if you look good in red, orange, golden yellow, olive green or rust, to choose warm hair tones like golden blonde, golden brown, strawberry blonde and red brown. Cool hair tones such as platinum, ash blonde, ash brown, burgundy and jet black are suitable for people who can wear panache colors such as blue red, fuschia, black, royal blue or pine green. Choose neutral tones like sand blonde, beige blonde, chocolate brown, and mahogany when colors like red, purple, anthracite, evergreen, or teal add shine to your complexion.

No matter which hair color you choose, remember to consult your hairdresser. Before making a final decision, first try the color in small pieces of your hair and then take the plunge.

A basic principle is that if you need to wear more makeup than before after dyeing your hair, you've chosen the wrong color. The perfect hair tone should highlight your skin tone, make it alive and your skin should shine. However, if your hair color doesn't match your skin tone, you may look tired and washed out. Therefore, it is a must that you learn more about your skin tone and choose the color carefully.

Professional hairdressers also agree that the most problematic part of the whole process is determining the right skin tone. In fact, most of us have undertones that are subtle and tricky and difficult to determine even by the professional eye. Just as face shape is important for choosing a perfect hairstyle, determining skin tone is a must to find the right hair color that will give your look a shine. So contact your professional stylist, determine your skin tone and undertone and find the color that best suits you.

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