This is how you interact with your hairdresser and get the haircut or hairstyle you like

A bad haircut can be the worst thing you can take home from a salon visit. Sometimes poor communication and understanding between you and your hairdresser contribute to this bad experience. You need to make sure that you let your hairdresser know and understand what you like. However, you also need to be attentive and consider the ideas of your hairdresser what suits you best.

Here are some tips on how to talk to and interact with your hairdresser to get the haircut or hairstyle you've always wanted.

• Make sure that your hairdresser touches and inspects your hair, checks the thickness or thinness before picking up scissors. It is necessary for your hairdresser to check the current appearance of your hair, check the growth patterns of your hair and ask how you are currently styling your hair before he or she continues to cut your hair.

• Use your hairdresser's jargon as often as possible. There are terms that are used exclusively in the hair salon, and there are words that mean something different when you are in a salon. Your hairdresser would appreciate it if you were more specific and descriptive. For example, if your hairdresser is working with your bangs, tell them whether you prefer soft or hard bangs. Say the things you don't like, "I don't like hard lines."

• Bring a photo of a haircut or hairstyle that you like. Sometimes this is the best and quickest option. Just give the photo to your hairdresser and he or she just has to do it again with your hair.

• Remember that there is a big difference between the words "shorter" and "short". Be especially careful when using such words, otherwise you would not get the correct length and go home disappointed and irritated because your hair is much shorter than expected. It is best to give your hairdresser a certain figure. You can say, "Don't chop off more than two inches." This way, your hairdresser would have a clear idea of ​​how short your hair or bangs should be.

• After you have worked out the things you want for your hair, kindly ask your hairdresser whether you have given your point of view clearly. However, you can also take your hairdresser's ideas into account and be open to his suggestions. He is also expected to determine what is best for customers.

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