How to coordinate your hairstyle with your evening dress

A woman's hair is her crowning glory. You have taken the time to find the perfect dress for the upcoming special occasion. Complete your look with a great hairstyle that matches your evening dress! What is the type of event you will be attending? A wedding, a prom, a cocktail party for work or a formal dinner party? The basic formula is to adapt your hair to the formality of the dress and the occasion on which you are wearing it. Let's discuss how to find this balance along with cost-saving beauty tips.

You don't have to flinch when asked to attend a wedding. Today's brides are very fashion and budget conscious when choosing bridesmaid dresses. If you are lucky, she can find a cheap dress with great style! Usually the type of dress chosen depends on how formal the wedding will be. For example, traditional brides can choose an A-line ball gown or an evening dress with a little train that sweeps behind it. With such formal dresses, she would most likely want a formal outfit for her bridal shower. In order to draw attention to the clothes, less is definitely more for the hair. A simple and classy French roll with wispy side curls is a popular choice. Don't be afraid to do something "boring"! Busy design with extensive details could affect a polished, uniform look. Accessorize to spice it up when needed. Branches of the baby's breath or a rhinestone comb give the "extra" without overwhelming the up-do. A modern bride probably thinks a French role is something common. She would combine a sultry bundle of side-swept, cascading curls with the contemporary style of an evening dress with a halter sheath. If you allow your bridesmaids to look so slim, the bride may be fighting for the spotlight!

Employees are like a second family when you calculate the time spent with them. It's fun to get in touch during a corporate event in a stress-free environment! Choose your clothes according to the type of function. Is it a semi-formal banquet at the end of the quarter to celebrate sales growth? Is it the annual Christmas party that is a black tie event? You chose a chic cocktail dress for the banquet. It's tea length, a little flirtatious, but suitable to mix in with the amount of work. A relaxed half completes the dress! If you only pin the front half of your hair, you get the glamor of a complete build without the clogging! For the Christmas party, choose a traditional ball gown. Given the classic style of the dress, a classic chignon on the neck is a nifty combination. A chignon is simple and versatile. Gather your hair on the crown to place it high on your head. Try a side part, a middle part, or no part at all! Adding decorative pens and hair clips that match your dress shows creative flair. If you pull the hair back too tight, this style will look strict. Make it soft by pulling thin, random strands of hair around your face and curling it with a small curling iron.

The prom. * sigh * It's not just a high school milestone – it's THE high school milestone! There is a lot of planning behind it, a lot of money. Young women who are smart buyers can find places that offer affordable clothes – even if you need an oversize! A prom dress is a good choice for the prom, but not your only option. You are young, so you want to keep your hair fresh and youthful. How about a new twist on old faithful hair? The French braid can be adapted to the trendy young women of today. By pulling random strands of hair down and using an iron, you instantly updated this look! For the funky divas out there, adding glitter to match your dress with these random curls gives a unique finish! Ladies with long hair focus on the top potion of your dress. Does it have intricate details that would cover your hair? Put your hair up to show it!

Ladies with short hair have not been forgotten! Simply adding a sparkling headband can be a quick fix. Fluffing your bangs and covering the sides with gel give you instant smoothness. Place a couple of decorative clips on the crown of your head and pull the front and sides up. Then texturize the back with styling wax for an edgy style. Clip images from magazines, catalogs and newspapers

for hairstyles that draw your attention and save them in a notebook. It's handy for reference when trying styles alone or in the salon. If you have problems with styling, ask a friend with pronounced hair for help! It is an economical alternative to the salon. Have a happy hair affair!

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