What are the sexiest pubic hairstyles? List of hottest pubic hair designs

Hairstyles are always a popular topic of discussion, but you rarely hear people discussing the relative merits of different pubic hair designs – at least not in public. Some older people may even find the idea of ​​a discussion about pubic hairstyles absurd, surprised when they learn that people even bother to shave "down there".

Well, the truth is that the go-go sixties and let-it-grow seventies are a thing of the past. The time for luxurious spots of jungle-like pubic hair has long gone down in history, and the world has finally entered what will one day surely be seen as the golden age for the design of pubic hair. As a primer for these designs, here is a list of the sexiest pubic hairstyles that are often worn today (but rarely seen).

1. The triangle is exactly what its name suggests – a pubic hair design in the shape of a triangle. Of course, as one of the sexiest pubic hairstyles available today, it leaves plenty of room for creativity. What triangle are you Is the right triangle a good reflection of your personality – can you find that 90 degree angle in your life? Or are you more of an isosceles person – with two angles that match your personality of the same length and meaning and two sides? Maybe you are an equilateral triangle, the three 60-degree angles reflect your perfect balance between body, mind and soul! Could you be more in line with the scale triangle – with all your angles and sides that are not proportional to each other to demonstrate your wilder side? It's your personality and looks, so choose which triangle styles are the sexiest pubic hairstyles for you!

2. The card shark is another of the sexiest pubic hairstyles and another that allows creativity in design. With this look, you shave your pubic hair in designs that reflect the colors of a deck of cards – hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs. Although hearts are currently the most popular, any combination of suits can give your pubic area an individual look that is sure to attract a lot of attention – provided you walk around naked all day.

3. The arrow is just that – a thin line of pubic hair with an arrowhead at one end. Perhaps inspired by legendary shooters like William Tell and Robin Hood, the arrow is one of the sharper styles out there. As one of the sexiest pubic hairstyles on the market, it offers little customization, although you can choose to have the arrowhead pointing either up or down. It's not really clear why the down arrow is the most popular of the two, although it may have something to do with people losing their sense of direction while drinking. "Um … it's down there, fool!"

4. For the less adventurous, a close shave is still one of the most popular and sexiest hairstyles – although it doesn't really open up much discussion, let alone bad humor attempts.

5. Finally, many women find that the absolutely sexiest pubic hairstyles are the ones that shave every hair stitch. Probably the biggest advantage of this style is the fact that no artistic creativity is required to achieve it!

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