Trendy 2009 hairstyles to consider

Here are some of the most fashionable and trendy hairstyles with short to long hair that are in demand today. Follow these hairstyles to look more stylish and fashionable.

1. Bob Cuts – A classic bob cut that hangs evenly around the length of the jaw, with a graduated bob hanging in one direction, with the front hair being wider than the neck. Bob cuts look good for many women and can be easily modified to highlight a woman's facial features. They can also be cut without bangs, with long and side-swept bangs.

2. Page Boys – A Page Boy is basically a longer bob cut. It hangs under the chin and shoulders. A page boy is an eternal hairstyle for women of all ages and looks elegant, especially with older women. The floors can be rounded and corrugated or folded up.

3. Spiky Cuts – Most older women opt for a funky, short spike cut. These cuts are easy to maintain and look good for stout women.

4. Crop Cuts – Short, multi-layer crop cuts are another great choice for women. A plump, fresh look can be achieved with razor or fairy cuts.

5. Long hair – Previously, most older women were discouraged by long hair. While shorter haircuts often hide some common problems, wearing long hair is completely satisfactory.

Before deciding on a new style, you can follow different hair magazines and search different websites on the internet.

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