Choose the perfect hairstyle for your face shape

There are over a million ways to choose a hairstyle. As a busy 21st century woman, choosing the perfect hairstyle can be so frustrating. When choosing a hairstyle, sometimes think of one that inspires you. Maybe you saw it with a top movie star like Penelope Cruz or a Grammy winner like Jenifer Hudson.

You may have thought celebrity stylists are working on their pictures so you can definitely copy their hairstyle. They take a short trip to the salon with gruesome hours of waiting with an end result that doesn't look like the perfect praise for Olivia Wilde's square face. Here you can see how important it is to choose the right hairstyle for the right face shape. So let's try to understand more about face shapes.

What is your face shape

There are a variety of face shapes. This is all in the structure of the bones and in their configuration. The first step in choosing the hairstyle that best suits your face shape is to identify your face shape.

* Oval: This is the case if your face width is less than 1/3 of your face length. Therefore, your face shape is considered oval. It has a characteristic smooth feature with no sharp corners along the jaw line with a narrow center. This gives a characteristic oval shape.

* Round: This is the case when the face has a soft jaw line and a general equality of face width and face length. It mimics a perfect general circular shape, usually characterized by fuller cheeks.

* Heart: This is the shape that occurs when your face tapers on the cheek but your forehead and cheekbones are wide.

* Square: This face shape creates beautiful corners with a square forehead and a sharper jaw that is wide and the same size on average in terms of face width and length.

* Long: This shape consists of a narrow face, which is generally longer and has striking cheekbones

Hairstyles to match your shape

* Oval face

Choose the perfect hairstyle for your face shape – oval shape

The hair is better for the oval face. The advantages of the oval face are the perfect proportions that go with it. Therefore, you can tie your hair together and let your beautiful face shine brightly.

This is also one of the simplest hairstyles that is suitable for very elegant women and girls. You can improve the tail by improving it and making it longer and more noticeable. Young girls can also use this hairstyle effectively for long and short hair.

*Round face

Choose the perfect hairstyle for your face shape-round face

The medium cut that rests on your shoulders is the perfect choice for round faces. This gives you a stylish yet edgy look that maintains a degree of class.

A useful tip is to add a few inches to the cut to increase hair volume.

Let it iron flat and highlight to make it more funky and give the edgy touch to a classy woman.

* Heart face

Choose the perfect hairstyle for your face shape – heart shape

The Pixie Coy haircut is a favorite for heart-shaped faces. This series of short hairstyles is popular with celebrities like Halle Berry, Rihanna and Katy Perry. This is a popular trend that is easy to maintain and looks fabulous at the same time.

You can add a little funk by applying different dyes and highlights like blonde and copper, or bright colors that highlight the fun personality in you.

* Square shape

Choose the perfect hairstyle for your face shape – square shape Have tiered layers that are long and fit well on the shoulders. This hairstyle is for confident women and girls. It's a perfect everyday look and you can spice it up with curves and waves that have an overlapping effect.

Add highlights to give your hair a beautiful gradient to match your face shape. Blonde seems to be a crowd favorite, but when it comes to colors, choose the one that suits your hairstyle.

* Long face

Choose the perfect hairstyle for your face shape – long shape

With a narrow face, long flowing, curly curls are the ideal hairstyle for your hair. The curls convey a feeling of attitude and elegance. Let your hair flow over your shoulders and almost reach your upper waist. This hairstyle is suitable for weddings and formal events.

You can also add different highlights like blonde, brunette or different bold highlights for more personality.

Hairstyles can be fun if you discover and choose a hairstyle that suits your face shape. This is crucial for a nice overall picture. Remember that hairstyles are paired with the outfit you are wearing. Always research different hairstyles and highlights to find the hairstyle that suits your needs and personality.