5 blowout hairstyles for men and how to take care of them

Who Said Men Can't Wear Blown Hairstyles? Here are great blowout styles to choose from:

Spiky hairstyle

You should visit an experienced hairdresser to get a great cut. The hairdresser cuts the sides more than the top, giving you a bold look. You can leave the beards on or cut them.

Structured rollover

This resembles the spiky hairstyle only in that the top is longer and structured to make it interesting and add some height. For a great look, cut off the top with scissors to get a textured look. You should then blow dry and roll aside over the strands.

To complete the look, you should shorten the sides to get a smooth look.

Wavy lock

It is ideal for men with naturally wavy hair. It's also possible to get a great look if you have a different type of hair. You just need to see a professional hairdresser. The wave locks on the crown should be at least 5 cm long. To give them a perfect look, gel them and slide them back.

To make a separation with the full beard, fade the sides and back with a bald patch.

Blowout mohawk

If you have long hair, you should get people's attention by cutting them into a mohawk. Ask your hairdresser to hide the sides briefly while leaving the top with longer strands. The cool thing about this cut is that it is easy to maintain. The only thing you have to do is maintain the top where the hair is rolled up.

Messy top

This is the ideal cut for lazy men as you don't have to take care of the hair. All you have to do is ask the hairdresser to razor the sides and leave the top untouched. Slide your hair back and forth for a messy look.

Instructions for the care of the blown out hair

Blown hair is great, but you need to take good care of it to make it last long. Here are some tips:

Wash it properly: To clean your hair, use rich shampoo and conditioner. Avoid harsh chemicals like glutaldehyde and thioglycolate. If you live in an area with salt water, you should not dip the hair in salt water shortly after the treatment. This requires that you do not get into the pool or the sea. This is to prevent the hair from being damaged by the salt, which tends to weaken the bonds created during the treatment.


Above are some of the best blowout hairstyles for men and how to care for them. For an interesting look, you should dye your hair.

Short bob hairstyles – advantages and disadvantages

This type of haircut is a blunt cut even when the ears are around the head. With this hairstyle, you have the choice between bangs or side brushing the front.

Knowing short bob style haircuts

• The best popularity of this hairstyle was in France during the First World War, when in 1915 ambulance drivers selected the hairstyle for hygienic and practical reasons

• It became popular in the United States in 1918 when the famous ballroom dancer Irene Castle wore a short bob cut in the 1920s and changed the appearance of women. Most women kept their hair long so that they felt that they had taken some steps towards equality and independence from men.

Advantages of short bob style haircuts

• Looks good on many facial structures

• Works with various hair textures, such as B. thin or fine hair that is layered with a short bob cut to achieve more volume and dimension.

• Highly fashionable

• Easy to shampoo and let dry

• If you play sports or have an active lifestyle, these haircuts are a good choice. It makes it easier for swimmers to put their hair under the swimming cap

• These haircuts do not require extensive styling

• If you work in a profession that requires you to wear a hairnet, this shorter style is easier to put under a hairnet. With a short bob hairstyle, you don't have to worry about long strands of hair coming out of the hairnet

• These short haircuts are ideal for those who live in a hot climate all year round as they are comfortable and cooler on the neck.

• It's a great style for summer and spring

Disadvantages of short bob style haircuts

• It limits a woman's styling options

• Some with natural curly hair said the short hairstyle made their hair unruly.

• The back is very short, making it difficult to tie hair back with hair clips or ribbons.

• Although these haircuts go with most face styles with an elongated face, a short bob cut is not very flattering for them. The hairstyle tends to emphasize the chine and lengthen her face and neck.

• Once you've cut your hair so short, the angled cut can take some time to grow back.

• When these hairstyles regrow, the back of your hair is shorter than the sides, so you may need to go to a beauty salon to trim the sides until your hair is even.

Hairstyles for Kids – Short Haircuts Are Best

Children love having long hair to show off to their friends, but long hair is a difficult task to maintain for most of the mothers. Hair cuts for children should be done in a way that they are manageable and short. Children are prone to several hair problems, therefore, a short haircut is a blessing for many parents. Children can experiment with different hair cuts and parents are relieved from managing the problems of children’s hair.

Hair styles for girls: Girls can have more variety as compared to boys in terms of hair styles. Some common hair styles for girls are described below.

a. Pixie cut: Short hair styles can be stylized using a razor to finish make it look sharp. You can also add layers for volume and bounce if you desire.

b. Classic Bob: This haircut is perfect for straight hair and is never out of fashion. You can choose a bob which curls inward or outward around the chin.

c. Blunt cut: This hairstyle is usually at the shoulder length, you can however choose for short blunt wherein the cut ends just underneath the ear. It is a very simple haircut and can be enhanced by adding fringes. Blunt cut looks cuter with front fringes.

d. Mushrooms cut: This hairstyle may be used on both girls and boys. This hairstyle involves a short crop along with a couple of layers on the crown.

Hairstyles for boys:

a. Army / Crew cut:: It is the best hair cut for summers. Army haircut is very short in which the hair length is lesser than one inch. You can coax your child into this haircut if he loves WWE by citing him John Cena’s hair cut.

b. Mushroom cut: Mushroom cut involves crop hair cut with two layers on the crown as mentioned above. It can be further enhanced by creating stylish designs or some waves around the neck with trimmer.

c. Spike cut: Spikes are created in several types where the child have a haircut with a front spike or it can be a mushroom hair cut with spikes everywhere. The spikes can be easily achieved by using hair gels and sprays, therefore, try to keep their hair short to obtain the desired effect

By now you must have realised that these are not complicated hairstyles. Also short hair cuts help your child look smart and playful. Whatever style you choose, just make sure that the hair cut is easy to handle, giving you less headaches and also makes your child feel comfortable with their elegant appearance.

Indian hairstyles for long hair

If you want to learn more about Indian hairstyles for long hair, you've come to the right place. Here you will learn all the information you need on this topic. The hair quality of Indian women is very good; They are generally very thick and shiny. Indian women like to keep their hair long and take pride in the length of their hair. You can find one that has elaborate makeup steps and can be released with just a clip or ribbon to attach it. With long hair, Indian women have the opportunity to style their hair flexibly in different ways. You have many options for styling your hair. Some of them are:


A braid is definitely the most common type of hairstyle, followed by a majority of Indian women. The main reason for its popularity is the ease with which this hairstyle can be done. This hairstyle is also known as braids. It is usually a formal as well as stress free hair to do. You will discover this hairstyle among school girls. This hairstyle is very neat and looks very neat.

The bread bun

Bun is a very common Indian hairstyle for long hair. The main reason for its popularity is that it is easy to use and saves discomfort due to the hot climatic conditions. Since India has a tropical climate, it is very hot and keeping long hair can be a big problem. Buns come to the rescue and it cuts off a lot of heat by holding hair up in a bun. Girls usually use flowers and ornate clips when there are occasions like parties or weddings. And no doubt it looks fantastic with a nice sari.


Curls are something that arouses every Indian's imagination. They crave loose curls for their hair. To do this, they opt for methods such as heated rollers or even blow drying on brushes with a round structure. The blow dryer method can be used with Bobby pens and ribbons to create amazing and beautiful curls.

Celebrity style

Many girls adore actresses like Kareena Kapoor and Aishwariya Rai; and they follow exactly the latest hairstyles that the actress of this generation does sports. The glamor industry is definitely a great source of inspiration where you can get lots of ideas. In order to meet the needs of the public, companies for beauty products leave no stone unturned to attract customers. Flat irons and bangs are common these days and are also quite easy to use.

Double chin hairstyles and tips to cover up

One of the things that can make the double chin look really awful is the wrong hairstyle. The wrong hairstyle can draw attention to your double chin, making people notice it more than before. If you have a double chin, it is best to get the right haircut that will distract attention from your chin.

First, focus on the length. Length is very important when trying to draw attention away from the chin. Medium-length hairstyles don't draw attention away from the chin area. As the hair stays closer to the chin, it will frame the chin and draw attention to it. You can try out shorter cuts like a crop, pixie or boy cut. These frame your upper face and not your chin.

Longer lengths can also work well if you are trying to cover a double chin. Make sure the hair ends over your shoulders and is cut in layers. Layers give your face a slimmer look and reduce the pull on your double chin. The best way to wear layers when trying to disguise your chin is choppy, with many of them framing your face. You can also try to highlight areas of your hair to draw attention away from your chin.

Second, lengthen your face. You can try lengthening the look of your face as most double chin give you a round looking face. Extending your face can easily be done with hairstyles that have more volume at the crown. Avoid hairstyles that are flat at the top or partial in the middle. Both of these properties draw attention directly to the center of your face and the area below it. If you need to part your hair, choose a side part so it draws attention away from the center. Side parts tend to have more volume than middle parts.

Finding the right double chin hairstyle can be a breeze if you know the "rules" to follow. However, don't feel limited to these guidelines. There are numerous hairstyles for chubby twin chins.

A guide to trendy and punk hairstyles for teenagers

Hairstyle has always played a very important role in the overall personality of men and women. It was an integral part of putting on and making a fashion statement. Most of us would have gone through pictures of elaborate hairstyles that men and women have worn in the past. We know the long ponytail hairs of English men in the 17th century and the unkempt hippie looks of the 1960s.

Trendy hairstyles are fashion trends worn by some celebrities and copied by fans around the world. Today, hairstyle trends are changing just as quickly as fashion and sometimes even faster. Men and women who change over time keep up to date to look good and be part of the crowd.

When we talk about trendy hairstyle, we mean the type of hairstyle that most men and women wear today. For women, the length of the hair is very important. This year women go to shoulder-length, short and short hair. Regardless of how long your hair is, you can get a sleek new look with a little trimming and styling.

Long, shiny hair, layered and styled, looks great on both older and younger women and is very popular this year. Messy shoulder length hair with bangs is also fashionable for women with wide jaws. The classic bob never went out of style and if you want to be on the safe side, go with or without bangs. Boy cuts and haircuts directly under the ears look good and are considered trendy.

If you think men aren't worried about the trendy hairstyle, you're completely wrong. They strive for classic short cuts that never go out of style. There is also a slightly longer cut with fringes that fall over the forehead for a very chic look. The same brushed back hair creates another look that is stylish this year. Finally, long hair that has been parted and styled at will is fashionable. Very long hair has fallen out.

In recent years, a new trend has emerged to look different and to emphasize. This is also reflected in the hairstyles. Punk hairstyle, which is characterized by color, style and cut, is an attempt to stand out from the crowd, sometimes to the extent that it is strange.

Heard of Mohawk – the most famous punk hairstyle that never goes out of style? A long strip of hair in the middle and shaved from the sides. The punk hairstyle represents the effort to look "different" on the freak's edge. Different hair colors and funky cuts are the basis of the punk hairstyle. You will meet people with neon colors like pink, purple, orange, blue in an artistic combination. If you are interested in or even understand this type of look, you will find that the color combination is done with certain thoughts. The haircuts are mostly irregular. The hair stays long on one side and very short on the other, or part of the head is completely shaved while the other part has long hair.

Every punk trend hairstyle has a specific name such as "Emo Punk" or "Mini-Mo". As for the trendy hairstyle in the punk hairstyle, the spiked hair has failed and an asymmetrical cut with hair falling over the forehead is fashionable. They don't look too unusual. If you want it to be spiked or look different, use gel and hair sprays to set it up in different styles.

Sometimes wearing a trendy hairstyle can be risky because they disappear as soon as they show up. There are so many different hairstyles, but there is no rule of thumb which one will look good on which person. It depends on various factors such as age, facial structure and style; However, there is no age limit for a style. If it looks good, wear it.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

If you think about it, there are really a lot of wonderful wedding hairstyles that a woman can choose for that special day in her life. The bride will surely want to look good and everyone will always notice a woman's hairstyle, not to mention how much the hairstyle should complement the wedding dress she will wear that day.

For the wedding day, the bride will surely want everything to go as smoothly as possible. And it is so important on this day that the hairstyle matches both the dress and the style of the wedding. Choosing the right style will make a big difference for the bride on her wedding day.

One thing that makes a hairstyle stand out is the way the hair shines. It is recommended to use a good hair conditioner before you start styling your hair. You can then use a shiny serum or even a spray to add some shine too.

Not every bride will have long hair like many women, short hair is just as beautiful and refined and can also be very bridal like long hair. You can add an attachment like a crown, comb or even a flower, which can make the hairstyle look even more beautiful.

You can add a nice touch with some fresh flowers that give the short hair a little romantic and very feminine look. You can attach it directly to the veil or put it around your head for another good idea.

If you also choose to have flowers in your hair, make sure the flowers match the bridal bouquet. Some other ideas would be to even wear a hot one, which can also look very nice on your wedding day with your short hairstyle.

Hairstyles for gray hair without looking old

You have decided that you will go gray and stay that way. And maybe you think you should check out hairstyles for gray hair. After all, a woman over 40 shouldn't choose a hairstyle that a 20-year-old would have, should she? No wrong!

And just because we're getting older, does that mean that there are fewer hairstyles that would be appropriate for a woman over 40? No of course not! You just don't want to get carried away with pigtails or ponytails.

Your age has very little to do with a hairstyle that would be right for you. In fact, there are many hairstyles that are classic, and if you think about it, you have seen them yourself. Think of Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada" and what about infamous Peggy Lee with her "platinum" hair?

Think of other classic hairstyles worn by the famous. Princess Diana's short full cut or Barbara Streisand's chic, long bob. How about these not so famous, eye-catching, sexy gray-haired women you know. They have some things in common. They did their homework and found a style that was flattering on their face, not their age. So, like every big decision you make:


1. If you don't have a good hairdresser, you have to find one. No, not one who specializes in hairstyles for gray hair – just a good stylist. Be brave and ask a stranger. "Who's doing your hair?" Who wouldn't want to hear such a flattering question? And you get good instructions. Win, win!

2. Don't get shampooed immediately when you visit the stylist for the first time. Discuss the options while your hair is dry so the stylist can see your hair in its natural state.

3. Be open to new ideas when speaking to your hairdresser. A good stylist can give you sound advice on what works best for you.

4. Bring some pictures of hairstyles you like. It can help the hairdresser create something flattering that you like.

5. Be realistic with what the stylist has to work with. For example, if you have lines and wrinkles on your forehead, you may want to distract them with feathered or side-swept bangs. Maybe you have crow's feet. Hide them with soft fringes that frame your face.

6. Flatter your new hairstyle by strengthening your makeup, standing upright, and making sure you have a white, radiant smile.

Let's go! Forget about finding hairstyles for gray hair. Your age has nothing to do with choosing a new hairstyle. Choose something that suits you.

Copyright (c) 2008 Lynne Hagan

Bridal hairstyles for your wedding day

A hairdresser with a hundred needles in her mouth; Bridesmaids at various stages with their hair running around the house, the bride got lost in a corner and finally showed up for a round of oohs and aahs that looked shiny in a nice dress, complemented by an even nicer hairstyle – a normal scene before every other wedding.

If it's a fact that the bride looks like a vision on her wedding day, it's because of a combination of different things, including a beautiful bridal hairstyle. A bridal hairstyle is one of the most discussed and planned aspects of the bridal wardrobe. It can make or break your entire effort to look your best during your wedding. A lot of planning, going through various catalogs and endless discussions with her maid of honor, friends and hairdresser help her choose from a variety of hairstyles available.

Needless to say, a bride's hairstyle must look the best since the bride is the center of attraction during her wedding ceremony and reception. Everyone will look at them and maybe even judge them (literally) from head to toe. While there are a variety of hairstyles to choose from, a bridal hairstyle needs to match or coordinate with the wedding dress, accessories, shoes, and anything else that completes the bride's look.


Take care of your hair long before your wedding ceremony. Well-groomed and healthy hair is much easier to style than unkempt or neglected hair.

Finalize your hairstyle before finishing your accessories. This way, you can see what your hairstyle looks like regardless of accessories to make it stand out or affect the effect.

Check if your hairstyle matches your accessories. Once your accessories are done, it's important that your hairstyle suits them and doesn't cross or interfere with them.

Plan your hair appointment early. An elegant hairstyle cannot be done at the last minute. A reasonable amount of time and effort should be invested to achieve this.

Choose a style that suits you. While it's good to experiment and try something new, the basic cut and hairstyle should complement your face.

Don't go overboard. It's easy to get carried away by the frenzy and go for something dramatic and presumptuous, but remember, it could backfire and make you look like something went wrong drastically. Keep it simple but elegant.

There are many resources such as the internet, bridal magazines, stylists, bridesmaids and bridal consultants to help you decide what hairstyle and overall impression you can have for your wedding ceremony and reception. However, it is important to use these resources effectively. At the end of the day, think of a simple tip – you know each other better than anyone. You are the best person to judge what suits you and what doesn't. Choose wisely and appreciate the effect forever.

Wedding Hairstyles – What Hair Style Is the Best For You?

So, you’re nearing your wedding and the test run of your hairstyle; you’ve picked the hair stylists, now it’s time to pick the style. Below are a few tips to make sure you pick right ‘do for your big day!

When you start planning your wedding, consider how you will want your hair. This gives you time to grow it out if you want to have longer hair or fix anything that you want to change before hand, such as color or cut. Although you still have time to decide what type of hairstyle you would like, it’s a good idea to consider it early so you have the time to make changes.

Obviously, consult with the hairdresser you will be working with. They have experience and will be able to tell you what works and what doesn’t with your type of hair. The first tip is to pick a hairstyle that will compliment your dress, without competing with it. You don’t want your hair to be overwhelming your entire look!

Make sure that whatever headpiece you will be wearing, whether it’s a veil, tiara, flower, etc., will be able to stay in your hair for as long as you need it to. If you have thin hair, wide tooth combs are not going to hold it on, so make sure the store replaces it with smaller combs or bobby pins. Thick hair can hold them on better, so barrettes, combs, or bobby pins will all work. Also, if you are wearing a veil or headpiece that you will be removing, make sure your hairstyle works with and without it, so you are happy with the hairstyle during the ceremony and at the reception.

Look for pictures of different styles with your hair length to get some ideas of what can be done with short, medium, and long length hair. There are so many different options, from up ‘dos to flowing curls to side ponytails; pick something that fits your wedding and your personality- because it’s your day!

The most important tip is to pick a style you are comfortable with, that represents you, your personality, and how you want to look on your wedding day. If you don’t like the first style your hairstylist does- tell them! They are there to work with you to create the best day possible, so make sure you are happy with how you look on your big day!