How Celebrity Hairstyles Influence Popular Culture

Celebrity hairstyles may have more influence on culture changes that many people are aware of. A hairstyle communicates a certain feeling and attitude to the world. When a celebrity changes their hairstyle, they are changing what they say to the world. If that hairstyle becomes popular and copied throughout society, then it is possible to completely change how people feel and interact with each other. Because of this fact, it is quite possible for a hairstyle to change how society operates.

The feeling of an era

Celebrity hairstyles embody the feeling of each generation, decade, and era. It is possible to tell what a decade was like just from looking at the hairstyles that were popular in that decade. The 50s were a time of rigidness and reconstruction. The hairstyles in this time were structured and held firmly into place. The 70s brought about a more laid-back approach to life and the popular hairstyles show that attitude as well. The hair was flowing, long, and free. The 80s were all about rebellion. The hair for this time was wildly curled and cut into harsh styles. More recent hair trends have been all about mixing old styles in new ways. That shows the attitude of the time, which is mixing new and old technologies and business methods together to create something new.

Hairstyles can lead to fashion changes

Celebrity hairstyles also can affect fashion. A popular haircut lends itself to new fashion pathways. A soft, flowing style leads to the creation of soft, flowing clothing. It could also lead to highly structured pieces as a fashion contrast. The same thing can happen with a severe hairstyle. Clothing can turn severe or gentle in contrast.

Popular characters can alter the hair of an entire generation

Certain shows and movies have revealed celebrity hairstyles that have been so popular, that it seems that everyone starts to wear their hair that way. Some of the iconic styles of different periods were achieved this way. One example of this was in the 1990s with the TV show Friends. “The Rachel” hairstyle was extremely popular will almost all women for almost ten years.

Hairstyles can dictate how people live

How hair is arranged can make a huge difference in how people live their lives. Hairstyles that require a lot of prep and styling mean that people with these styles have to get up earlier to have enough time to fix their hair. Usually this means that they are more tired throughout the day. Styles that are easy to maintain mean that people with these styles have more time for other tasks during the day and in the mornings. Celebrity hairstyles really affect how people live their lives.

 Frisurentrends für mittleres Haar

Wenn es um Frisuren geht, sind mittlere Haarschnitte am häufigsten und dominantesten. Diese sind häufiger, weil es verschiedene kurze und lange Frisuren gibt, die mit mittellangen Haarschnitten gut funktionieren. Frauen mit langen Haaren haben manchmal Schwierigkeiten, sich um ihre Frisuren zu kümmern, und Frauen mit kurzen Haaren klagen über eingeschränkte Frisuren und Muster. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt lösen mittlere Haarschnitte alle Probleme im Zusammenhang mit Frisuren und Frisuren.

Frisuren für mittellanges Haar sind vielseitig und pflegeleicht. Diese Frisuren passen zu den meisten Gesichtsformen und verbessern die Gesichtszüge. Sowohl Männer als auch Frauen haben eine große Auswahl an Frisuren, die von einfachen Alltagsfrisuren bis zu formellen, eleganten Frisuren reichen.

Für Frauen gibt es mehrere Frisuren für mittleres Haar wie Schichten, Bob Cut, Abschlussball, Locken, Shag, Sedu und viele mehr. In einer großen Auswahl an erstklassigen Frisuren gehören zu den beliebtesten mittleren Frisuren Schichten, Hochsteckfrisuren, Brötchen, French Twist, Dauerwelle und Bob.

Mittlere Frisuren sind der neueste Trend in der Modeszene. Schichten verleihen mittellangem Haar Textur, Definition und Eleganz. Der vordere Knall in den Schichten sorgt für einen Gesichtsrahmen, der ein einzigartiges Aussehen verleiht. Es kann verschiedene Variationen von geschichteten mittleren Frisuren geben und es sieht auf fast allen Gesichtsformen gut aus, unabhängig von der Haardicke, den Gesichtszügen, den Hauttypen und sogar dem Teint.

Abgehackt mittellange Frisuren Geben Sie dem Haar eine frische, moderne Note. Abgehackte Frisuren können verschiedene Kombinationen aufweisen, z. B. eine Kombination aus abgehacktem Schnitt mit Schichten, abgehacktem Pony usw. Diese Frisuren sind eine großartige Ergänzung zu den neuesten Trends. Dann gibt es den coolen und funky Bob, der mit einfachen Schichten geschnitten wird und dessen Enden mit Kurven herunterfallen.

Ein lässiger Look mit wilden Locken und Flairenden wird heutzutage auch meistens im Sommer angekündigt. Dies sind Variationen für einfache Frisuren. Bei einer wilden Ringelfrisur ist das Haar in der Mitte geteilt, wobei gekräuselte Pony nach unten fließen. Für das Aussehen von Flairenden werden gekräuselte Pony zur Seite gefegt. Süße und gekräuselte Dauerwellen oder Locken sind heutzutage ebenfalls in Mode. Neben all den Frisuren faszinieren funky, coole und frische Farbtechniken auch für verschiedene mittlere Frisuren.

Männer haben heute auch eine Begeisterung für mittlere Frisuren. Sie sind bequem mit Frisuren wie Graduierung, Medium Layered, Shag und Classic Taper. Diese Frisuren ähneln den Stilen der Vergangenheit mit Variationen, zusätzlicher Textur, Farbe und Aussehen. Haarfarben und Haar-Highlights faszinieren auch in diesen Tagen.

Amazing Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Going to the prom is one of the most special moments in a young person's life, and it is an event they will remember forever. Girls especially find this event important, partly due to the fact that they get to wear beautiful dresses, makeup and feel and look beautiful. This is why this article aims to help girls with some advice about how to make sure their prom evening will be perfect and nothing unpleasant will happen. We are going to focus here on prom hairstyles for long hair, because they are more difficult to achieve and maintain all through the night.

It is important to have a long-lasting, or easy to fix hairdo for big events like a prom or a wedding, because they go on for hours, there's dancing, mingling, and all types of movement that can affect a girl's appearance. Therefore, your prom hairstyles for long hair have to be chosen carefully, to match your face, the texture of your hair, your dress and even your personality. While a solution would be to use lots of pins and hairspray in order to fix an updo, you could also opt for a hairstyle that doesn't require as much work, looks more natural and will stay beautiful all night.

Many girls – and even Hollywood celebrities – like to wear their hair naturally these days, with only a side part and some big, loose curls. This hairstyle looks good, kempt and elegant, but you do need to style your hair a bit in order to give it a finished look. All you have to do is wash your hair, dry it, apply some protecting product, and then put on the biggest curlers you find. When the hair is dry, take the curlers off and gently comb the hair with your fingers. Comb it on one side of your face, then pin it with an ornate pin and you've created one of the simplest prom hairstyles for long hair.

Another one of the prom hairstyles for long hair that is popular now is the fishtail braid. For this hairdo, all you need is to learn how to effectuate this braid, and then decide whether you want it tighter or looser. You can also complete it by adding some faux flowers or diamond hairpins. If you want your hair loose in its entire splendor, you can straighten it, or add some vintage finger curls to frame your face. All in all, remember that it must be a hairstyle that you feel comfortable wearing, and you are sure to look beautiful.

Shag Celebrities – We’re Talking About Hairstyle

Celebrities and Shag Hairstyle

Since the 1970s till date, the shag hairstyle has been a constant fashion statement. A number of famous people with the shag hairstyle over the past few decades have driven people by the droves to change theirs into shag as well. No other style in the history of hairstyles had so many famous people endorsing it, and the rest of the world following it like a cult.

Perhaps it began with Jane Fonda who wore it in the movie Klute in 1971. The Beegees had their long hair layered in a shag style. The real ‘cult’ following began with Jennifer Aniston’s famous ‘Rachel’ in the sitcom friends during 1994-2004. The style became synonymous with Rachel so much so that all the youngsters were asking their stylists for a ‘Rachel haircut’! Chris McMillan of Los Angeles’ Estilo salon who styled the other female cast’ hair as well was Jennifer’s’ stylist who gave her a bouncy, layered hairstyle for the first and second season of friends but it was enough for it to be associated with her.

Salon maestro John Sahag invented the shag haircut 25 years before it really became so famous with Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel haircut’. Soon, you could see all famous people wearing the shag hairstyle, Goldie Hawn, Victoria Principal and Farrah Fawcett -Majors whose feathered shag on her beautiful flowing blonde hair got equally famous on the sets of Charlie’s angels sitcom.

Recently, the famous people with the shag hairstyle are growing in numbers again. It only impresses that the shag haircut was always around and not just history of the 70s. Meg Ryan, Lisa Rinna and Halle Berry all have sported such stylishly done cuts that lend these beauties a pizzazz appeal and an empowering look. The reason why these beauties can carry off the shag hairstyle so well is the narrow faces which added with the trendy shag cut makes them Divas to the hilt. Meg Ryan’s tousled and messy look is still popular and Kellie Bowling, a stylist at Dillard’s Your salon in Fayette mall, says ” A lot of clients come in say that they want their hair cut like hers in the movie You’ve got mail, they like shorter, slightly messy look.”

Hilary Swank has been much admired for her boyish shag hairstyle. The natural and messy look has been carried well by some male celebrities as well. With carefree tousled shag cut to his medium hair, Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 2 had bowled over all of his female following worldwide.

Whether you are looking for a makeover or simply want to have a similar cut as some of the famous people with the shag hairstyle, you must carry it well. Know your facial features and hair texture before opting for the shag haircut and remember though it is a carefree and youthful cut, too messy and tousled would not be anywhere close to trendy!

Like al good things that come back from the past, the shag hairstyle is making a comeback and what better way to realize it than watching your most favorite famous people with a shag hairstyle. So, bring on your new looks, Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Beyonce……..

Top 5 hairstyles for women over 30

Adding numbers to your age shouldn't determine the beauty trend of women's hairstyles that is right for you. Use your imagination, discover and read these 5 latest hairstyles for women over 30.

1. Show off your threads with a bob

The bob is one of the latest hairstyle ideas that is largely aimed at women who are worried enough to give their hair a touch of style every now and then. Classic as always, the bob cut is shorter at the back and angled at the front and definitely a top choice among hairstyles for women over 30 years. You can wear it short or long depending on your face size. If you're not busy enough to pay a visit to your salon now and then, you should try the short bob. However, if you are single and ready to mix, the long bob is the perfect choice for you.

2. Go with the Pixie Yippie

We all know who rocks the pixie cut, don't we? It is none other than Anne Hathaway. Don't forget that she is over 30 years old. That just means that you can only wear a pixie cut of women, which you can see in the hair care instructions for hairstyles for women over 30. Pixie cuts are a great choice for women who travel a lot as they require little maintenance, especially if you don't have time to go to the salon. This latest hairstyle idea suits you very well if you have an oval or square face.

3. Have fun with levels

Admit when you were younger, one of the most popular hairstyles for women was the layered haircut. It is still a hit now – not only with young people, but also with the older generation to this day. When you get a layered haircut, your picture is fun, but you look gorgeous even with that tousled hair. Among hairstyles for women over 30 it is definitely worth trying, because every face shape can easily implement this latest hairstyle idea.

4. Seal it with the bangs

Throwing bangs off your face may not be a favorite with the latest hairstyle ideas, but there is nothing to be afraid of. These strands on your face can only be the answer if you either want to cut years off your face or want to swing into your image in sexuality. You can even check out the hair care instructions and see models wearing different ways of wearing bangs. If you choose bangs, you look several years younger, or you opt for a side sweep with a sexy and refined feel for hairstyles for women over 30.

5. Hair and shoulders

If you think you want to take it as easy as possible and stay on the safe side, you can always lean on your shoulder. Joking aside, this latest hairstyle idea may not be experimental, but it always offers you both class and comfort. A shoulder-length haircut is your best friend for hairstyles for women over 30 because it gives you the freedom to feel comfortable and cool at the same time. Wearing a shoulder-length coronation is about flexibility because it fits every face shape.

New Hairstyle Design: The Newest Hair Trends for This Summer!

You will be looking this summer to be your best in every single detail! Here are the hottest trends and new hairstyle designs for this summer.

This summer's hairstyles for women could not be any better or more creative. They are a mixture of boldness, freshness and awesomeness.

We have seen so many trends on the catwalks, some were amazing comebacks and some were bright new ideas. One of my favorite hairstyle design trends is back, and it's more in than ever, it is straight hair, and I mean STRAIGHT hair! No curls, no small waves at the bottom, just straight until the end.

Another style is back and it's short boy-like haircuts. This hairstyle design for short hair will give you an edgy style, and it's amazingly wonderful! It can give you that one of a kind daring look.

Moving on to colors! This summer will be a color festival in the hair department. Pastel hues are very in this summer and you can pick them in all colors you want. Go for pastel rose, subtle orange, blue hair and even the gray pastel.

Fringes are back and this time they are short, very short! This haircut was seen a lot on the runways from Prada, Gucci, Lanvin and others.

Another new hairstyle design and it's a first time trend: the Pun. The Pun is a ponytail bun. They are low buns that have some hair leaking out of them in a ponytail style. What do you think of this hybrid mixture?

You can also adopt the low ponytail this summer. After straightening your hair, go for a sleek low ponytail that can give you the perfect girly look.

After the colors and the cuts there are the accessories. We have seen so many accessories trending on the catwalks! If you like to feel like a princess, this is your chance, as crowns are the most important hair accessory trending this season. You can have them added to your day to day style and have that added special touch. Headbands have also made a comeback and they come in different and various styles: you can pick the thin subtle one with floral details, or you can also pick broad headbands that hold a 90s style in them or you can opt for the dual headband.

Be all that you are and let your new hairstyle design express that in a very unique way this summer. How will you style your hair this summer?

5 Cool Hairstyles For Men

Who said that you need to have a rugged look in order to look manly? If you are a man and you need to have a great hairstyle, here are some of the cool styles that you should consider going for:

Caesar Cut

This is a popular cut where you cut the hair short on the sides, but leave longer hair on the top of the head. The good thing with this style is that it’s easy to maintain; therefore, if you are a busy man, you will have a very easy time maintaining it.

The style also makes your hair very easy to spike using a cream or styling gel. You can achieve the spiked look within a very short time and the look will stay in place the entire day with little or no maintenance.

Brushed Up

It’s similar to the Caesar cut only that the hair that you leave is a little bit longer. If you have great hair and you want it to be easy to take care of, this is your style. As mentioned, you will have a very easy time maintaining the hair using a pomade or gel. The good thing is that the style is ideal for both casual and official occasions.

Side pompadour

Do you want a unique look? This is your style. The cool thing is that the style is ideal for hair of different lengths. To keep the style in place you should use pomade.

Side Part

This is a sexy style that is ideal for you if you have long hair that you can easily sweep over. While you need to have long hair in order to achieve an ideal look, you should note that you will be able to achieve your look within a very short time. All you need to do is to part your hair on the side of the head and then sweep it over to one side. You can go with the right or left part.


There are many variations of this style that you can go with. For example, you can go with the fade, choppy side part or any other style that you find ideal for you.


These are some of the best hairstyles for you as a man. All you need to do is to choose the one that looks good on you. For ideal results you should ensure your hair is done by a professional barber.

Top women's hairstyle trends for 2010

Women love to do everything to strengthen their personality and beauty. It is important for her to look glamorous and elegant for every occasion in every season. Choosing the right hairstyle is as important as finding a unique dress, stunning shoes, and makeup. A woman's hair is like her crowning glory. So pay attention to a perfect hairstyle that underlines your personality and gives your look a glamorous quotient.

If a completely new wardrobe can be made for the new year, give the hair a new look. Hair styling doesn't just mean getting a new hairstyle. It actually means getting the perfect hairstyle that embodies the personality. Let us give you a little insight into the world of perfect hairstyles for 2010. Whether you're in the hairstyle or uncomfortable, it would really help you rock 2010 and stun everyone.

The best hairstyle trends for women in 2010 are just listed below:

Long wavy hairstyle

The hairstyle that revives the 1940s hairstyles in 2010 is wavy long hair. This spring and fall, wavy, non-curly, long hair is fashionable, as it goes with any hair color. Whether off-center or sideways, it looks fantastic in every way. The wavy 1940s hairstyle on Christian Dior Spring 2010's catwalk is proof that the long wavy hairstyle is making a comeback this year. So if you have long hair, don't think about cutting it. Go for a look that combines sensuality and the fashion trends of the year, like Australian model Miranda Kerr did when she appeared at the ESPY Awards with long, wavy hair.

Bun, bouffant and pompadour hairstyle

In the late 1960s, bread rolls were considered a classic way of showing lavishness. Hair bundled into a round bobbin is suitable for every season, especially for summer. You can opt for the Bouffant hairstyle, just like Jessica Simpson, who appeared in the Bouffant hairstyle at the premiere of Extraordinary Measures, which looked really beautiful. An elegant, deep bun or a twist that sits on the neck also looks dazzling. Adolescents can do pompadour by fanning their hair forward and curling over themselves.

Braided & Braided Hairstyle

Braided hairstyle has made a comeback because it looks elegant and comfortable. It looks classy for everyone, be it a working woman or a housewife. Braided hairstyle has become a newest hairstyle trend in 2010 thanks to the catwalk by Alexander Wang and Missoni Spring. Two exotic styles in braided hair: long side braid and fish braid. Celebrities are also adapting it for 2010. Rachel McAdams wore a side braid at the London premiere of Sherlock Holmes that looked really great. Braids can be made in a variety of ways, from micro-braids that create an illusion of thick curls to cornrow braids. The best way to make a braided hairstyle last longer is to blow dry and dry it.

Combed hairstyle

If there is a hairstyle that can scream posture in 2010, it's definitely – combed hair. It's just perfect for teenagers who want to try out different looks every now and then. For 2010 you can choose all hairstyles that fit your face, e.g. B. side hairstyles, gel hairstyles or the texture with your fingers. Wavy, dry, heavily brushed hairstyle has gone out of style. The top hairstyle for women for 2010 is a wet slick, just like on the catwalks of Alexander Wang and Thakoon in spring 2010. Forget the half-shaved head hairstyle of last year and opt for a side slick that goes under the slick Hairstyle trends for 2010 is best.

top knot

Top knots again managed to get a place in the list of top hairstyles for women in 2010. It was popular in 2009 because of its youthfulness and playful look. There are two options for top bun hairstyles for women in 2010 – sleek and messy top buns. The spring 2010 show by Marc Jacobs and Nina Ricci was a neat knot that represents Japanese culture. Smooth top knot is best for women with straight hair. It looks fantastic when placed in the middle of the head, but it can also work if it is placed slightly to the side. Messy top knot works best for hair with soft waves by adding a texture to it. It's really easy to give a completely different look with this easy-to-make and easy-to-wear hairstyle. Simply sweep the hair up and attach it as you like.

This trip of hairstyles for 2010 must have familiarized you with many ideas and possibilities. Design your look every day and redefine your look by adding a touch of glamor. There is nothing better than offering variety, especially when it comes to women's hair styling. The 2010 hairstyle trends are very different. Choose one that suits you best and emphasize your femininity in style.

Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles That Will Be Trending in 2017

As Men always pay close attention to the kind of haircuts and hairstyles they get we are presenting the Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles that will be Trending in 2017. Of course, a haircut can make or break their beautiful look and the kind of personality they have. As 2017 draws closer, let’s take a look at some of the haircuts and hairstyles that will be trending during next year.

Marble hair isn’t for ladies only, just adopt the dye trend and opt for a smoky gray color for your hair. The roots should be kept dark while the ends must be lighter so that some thickness and depth could be added to the medium hair.

Here we go with following men’s haircuts and stylish hairstyles that will be trending in 2017 with details.

Soft & Smoky Hairstyle For Men

Slick Back Undercut

Tapered Haircut With Neat Side Part

Disheveled Haircut With A Highlighted Fringe

Curly Short Hair Style For Men

Varied Length Haircut

Long Top and Short Sides Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Solution to Thinning Hair

Creative & Curly Short Fauxhawk

This is yet another ferocious variation of undercuts. Rather than cutting your hair on top in different lengths, you can grow hair in same length and then sweep them back to make them look classy. Obviously, here your beard will serve as a center-piece and the haircut will complement it perfectly.

Though many of us love to see untamed, wild man buns and locks, we must admit the fact that clean hairstyle always looks classier. A good example could be styled tapered haircut with well-defined side parts.

Highlighted fringe remains to be an evergreen men’s hairstyle. In this haircut, you just have to make sure that you let your hair keep growing longer and make angled layers. The style looks perfect on faces with oval, square, and triangular shapes.

This hairstyle is tailor-made for showing off strong chiseled looking faces perfectly. This sophisticated and slightly mussed hairstyle for men fits perfectly for preppy people who don’t take their life much seriously.

Haircuts for men are usually quite mundane and are identified only by the blade numbers mostly. However, with some creativity, every man can get cool haircut. That’s exactly the case with this haircut. You can go with longer quaff that is brushed back towards the top and the hair start getting shorter as they descend.

Somewhat more hair are taken off from sides in this hairstyle so that top can become more evident. Disconnected section draws attention towards your beard as well and let it pop even more.

Many a times, men face thinning hair at their crown and it becomes more noticeable in men with dark hair. The solution is to cut the length short. Get well-trimmed and nice quiff facial hair in order to look irresistible. That’s a good way to get men’s hairstyle 2017 easily in order to attain proper style.

The look is tailor made for the black men and they can go for it if they want something other than low-top fades. It can be considered a great option for showing off the curly hair and still be able to sport fade that fade haircut. What’s even better is that this look can be turned into Mohawk if you allow the hair to grow little more.

Frisurentrends für 2009

2009 ist das Jahr des Wandels. Im Bereich der Politik wird 2009 mit der Wahl des ersten afroamerikanischen Präsidenten begrüßt. In wirtschaftlicher Hinsicht ist 2009 eine Feuerprobe für den Mut und die Schärfe von Geschäftsleuten gegen die drohende Wirtschaftskrise. Und in Sachen Mode ist 2009 das Jahr für radikale Frisuren! Dieser Trend zu den Extremen wird durch die Frisuren der Prominenten Ende 2008 deutlich. Doch worauf sollten Frauen im Jahr 2009 achten und rechnen?

Radikal kurze Haarschnitte

In den letzten Monaten des Jahres 2008 traten Prominente mit kurzen Frisuren auf, insbesondere der Bob. Herkömmliche Modeweisheit warnt Frauen davor, ein Gleichgewicht zwischen Extravaganz und Geschmack zu finden, und daher wurde der schicke Bob-Haarschnitt seit jeher von der jahrhundertealten Überzeugung beeinflusst, dass langes Haar im Allgemeinen schön ist. Aus diesem Grund zeigt die Moderatorin der Fernsehserie, Lily Allen, einen längeren Bobschnitt, bei dem ihr Haar sanft zwischen Nacken und Schultern schwebt. Dies ist auch der Grund, warum Sarah Michelle Gellar den Bob in einer "sicheren" Länge trägt.

Im Jahr 2009 können sich Friseure jedoch der Herausforderung nicht mehr entziehen, den Bob radikal zu verkürzen! Radikal kurze Haarschnitte haben das konventionelle Image langer, schöner Haare in Frage gestellt und gewonnen. Drei der beliebtesten Bob-Frisuren sind das von Supermodel Agyness Deyn getragene Fransen-Bob, die von Victoria Beckham und Natalie Portman getragene Pixie-Ernte und das kurz geschnittene Bob von Katie Holmes. Einige Modekritiker waren beleidigt über Katies neue Frisur und meinten, sie sei ein bisschen knabenhaft. Aber andere Kritiker sahen Kühnheit in der Frisur. Denn nur Frauen, deren Weiblichkeit strahlt, können solche Abkürzungen mit Leichtigkeit und Schönheit tragen.

Radikal lange Styles

Offensichtlich funktionieren die radikal kurzen Haarschnitte möglicherweise nicht für viele Gesichtsformen von Frauen. Daher wäre es für diejenigen mit langen Haaren ratsam, die Länge ihrer Locken beizubehalten oder zu erhöhen. Aber wie stylen Sie Ihre langen Haare, ohne beschuldigt zu werden, modisch zurückgelassen worden zu sein? Glücklicherweise gibt es lange Frisuren, die auch 2009 in Mode sein werden. Um sich an diese Entscheidungen zu erinnern, sind die zu beachtenden Worte unkonventionell, wellig und unversöhnlich. Zugegeben, dies schienen wenig schmeichelhafte Worte zu sein, um Frisuren zu beschreiben. Aber im Jahr 2009 werden diese Worte neue Modebedeutungen annehmen.

Das unkonventionelle lange Haar strömt luxuriös aus dem Scheitel, streut rebellisch um die Schultern und endet subtil und verschmilzt mit dem schönen weiblichen Körper. Die meisten Mode-Ikonen, wie Donna Karan und Anna Sui, tragen langes Bohème-Haar. Und die perfekten Exemplare dieser Frisur sind die von Lindsay Lohan und Giselle Bundchen.

Die wellige Frisur nutzt die sexy Locken von langen Haaren. Es sollte aber auch Bilder des Auf- und Abstiegs der Meereswellen hervorrufen, die aus einer Frau eine sinnliche Meerjungfrau machen. Bei diesem Stil sollten lange Haare an der Seite gescheitelt werden, wobei die Wellen das Gesicht gewunden umrahmen. Denken Sie an Ashley Olsen, Kyra Sedgwick und Katherine Heigl als Inspiration für diesen Look.

Und die unverzeihliche Frisur wird durch glattes und glattes langes Haar verkörpert. Es kann in der Mitte oder seitlich geteilt werden. Die Glätte der Haarsträhnen ist unverzeihlich, aber die stilvolle Eleganz ist nicht zu leugnen. Schauen Sie sich Shannon Doherty an und sehen Sie, ob ihre Frisur gut auf Ihnen sitzt.

Radikale Haarfarbe

Nach mehreren Jahrzehnten, in denen die Idee der "stummen Blondine" geduldet wurde und nach mehreren Jahren, in denen die Rätselhaftigkeit des dunklen Haares bekräftigt wurde, ist das Jahr 2009 endlich gekommen, um die trendige, radikale Farbe zu präsentieren, die als Peroxidblondine bekannt ist. Supermodel Kate Moss trug es zur Schau und die Modewelt wurde aufmerksam. Dieser Blondton verspricht eine technologisch fortschrittliche Zukunft, die von einer gewagten Haltung geprägt ist.

2009 wird Veränderung begrüßen – einschließlich der Welt der Frisuren!