Choosing Your Wedding Hairstyle – What You Should Remember

As a bride, you definitely want to look good and all eyes are on you all day. Looking beautiful from head to toe is a must and your hair is one of the things you should take seriously, along with choosing a good looking dress. There are long lists of the best bridal hairstyles, and if you remember a few things, you can make the right decision with your wedding hairstyles.

Combine the hair with the dress

This is one of the most important things if you don't want your hair to compete with the dress. Finding a match between the two is what you should focus on. If you have a modern chi dress, choose a slim blowout or hold your hair back. For a country look dress or peasant dresses and high waist dresses, choose curls for your hair and you can add tiny flowers to complete the curly look. Dramatic up-dos, on the other hand, are ideal for dresses with large ball gowns. Whatever you choose should match the type of dress you chose. The tip here is to choose your dress first before you find the perfect hairstyle.

The length of your hair is important

This is something most brides forget, although it is very important. Some styles work best for long hair, while others are more suitable for short hair. Wedding hairstyles for short hair are more popular, but you can also rock your wedding with amazing wedding hairstyles for long hair. For short locks, a mini hair clip and an elf make for a very good, chic and simple wedding look, but there are numerous options. For longer locks, buns, hair clips, and petals are some amazing ideas. Your hairdresser can help you make a selection based on the length of your hair. Fashion magazines can also be helpful sources for any hair length.

Remember the veil

Remember not only that your wedding hairstyle matches the dress, but also how well the hairstyle works for your veil. If you have chosen a style whose charm is lost under the veil, you can wear fascinators that are back and trendy. There are also fancy short bridal hats that can be worn, but make sure you choose the veil before choosing the hairstyle to keep the boundaries in check.

Understand your hair type

This is very important because even the simplest hairstyles look good on certain hair types. Very short or very fine hair can be difficult to work with, but there are styles that work best with this type of hair. The same applies to curly hair, which can be difficult to straighten and thin. Know what hairstyles your hair will hold without any problems. You should consider booking a trial version with your hairdresser to make a good choice in advance.

Ancient Greek hairstyles

Since Greece was the oldest civilization, the Greeks were the trendsetters of a number of things, including ancient Greek hairstyles! In the simplest terminology, hairstyle is a style in which a person's hair is cut and set. The hairstyles of the Greeks were an indispensable part of their personality and aptly reflected the social, political and cultural history of the Greek period. These hairstyles were also a revelation of the customs, uniqueness and characteristic personality of the ancient Greeks.

Since the beginning of civilization, men and especially women have paid great attention to the way their hair is made. Women have obviously been increasingly cautious about their hair, as well-groomed hair is part of the concept of good looks, jewelry, and a pleasant look. Even in the history of Greek civilization, people have paid attention to beauty and personal hygiene.

The oldest hairstyles were the result of using knives, hairpins, and combs. Over time, women started using hair accessories and artistic wigs. In fact, all old women were considered more attractive if their hair was both long and thick. It was believed that the length and thickness of the hair gave it more beauty and contributed to the look of a woman.

The ancient Greek hairstyles were unique in several ways. The most popular hairstyle was the "green knot". For this special style, the ancient Greek women held their hair together and formed a knot on the neck. Since then, buns and knots with new variations have always been fashionable. The ancient Greeks also used saffron to lighten the color of their hair and further improve the style.

It wasn't that only Greek women were fascinated by hairstyles; the Greek men weren't too far back either; The most common hairstyle that most Greek men wore in ancient times was – short and curly. As newer fashion trends appeared, these people added a variety of embellishments to their hairstyles. Most of these decorations were made of gold, silver and ivory.

During one of the ancient Greek periods, there is a record that the hair is short, chin-length, and curly. With the advent of fashion and the awareness of looking fashionable, hairstyling trends became more and more imaginative. The hairstyles that gained popularity were those adorned with ribbons, gold, precious stones and pearls.

There was also a time in Greek history when the focus of the hairstyles went into hibernation. Even the use of wigs became less common. Later, with technological advances, however, more and more men and women went to the hairdresser to give their personality a completely new look via the hairstyle route. "Comparatively modern" ancient Greek hairstyles included "crimping" – a style in which waves were created in the hair with a hot iron. Such a style has long been fashionable in ancient Greece. Even today, crimping is the most frequently chosen hairstyle for young girls, especially if they want a unique look of Greek hairstyles!

 Natural Curly Hairstyle Tips for Naturally Curly Hair for Women

Have you ever wondered why some women seem to have beautiful stunning natural curly hairstyles which seems gorgeous on their naturally curly and wavy hair? What is their secret to have such soft and shiny curls?

This is a fact that some of us are born with thicker or thinner hair. A part of it is genetic, for sure. But the good news is, a big part of it is actually in your own hands. Because it very much depends on your diet, which hair products you use, and how you style your curly hair.

So in this free guide you are going to discover 3 easy helpful curly hair tips and ideas to add softness and glow to your wavy hair today.

1. Naturally Curly Hairstyles vs. Permed Hair

Is your hair naturally curly or artificially permed? This question is an important one that determines how easy your hair is to style nicely. Because the fact is, natural curls are softer and look healthier, so generally it is easier to style them any way you like.

On the other hand, artificial curls that some people attain by perming their hair, will make your hair more frizzy, rigid and dry.

The good news is, either way if your hair looks dry, enhancing your style and giving more shine and softness to your hair can be gained by simply using the best curly hair products.

These haircare products have a special formula that makes your hair stronger and healthier over time. This is of course an additional to a healthy diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals in it.

2. Curly Layered Hairstyles to Enhance Your Look

If you simply take a look at the most stunning beautiful celebrity haircuts, you will notice most of them use a layered hairstyle. This is no secret that layers will enhance your curls and give a sexier and more playful look to your face.

Some of the most cute and sexy curly celebrity haircuts that use the layered style are from Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Taylor Swift, and so on. You can simply search for their hair style photos in Google to see more examples.

3. Find Cute Ideas from Celebrity Haircuts

As you know, celebrities and famous women spend a lot of time and attention on finding the best haircut that looks gorgeous on them. After all, if you were also to shine in front of the camera with millions of people watching you, you & # 39; d pay special attention to your looks, wouldn & # 39; t you?

That gives you the ultimate smart advantage today. Because you can easily check out their hair photo galleries online to gain easy access to hundreds of gorgeous professionally chosen hairstyles to choose from.

You can also see which celebrity has a more similar face shape and skin color like you, so it helps you get an idea which hair styles looks good on them and therefore might look good on you too.

5 Low Maintenance Postpartum Hairstyles for Women

After being blessed with a luxurious shine, full body and fast growing hair during pregnancy due to new hormones, it can be tempting to chop it all off postpartum. After having your baby your hair may dull and break off or fall out around 3 months due to changing hormones and beyond that, you’ll want to get a new hairstyle to match the new woman you are! A new style can re-vamp your life and restore some self confidence while you navigate your new role and learn how to keep yourself pampered and feeling good in the mix of responsibilities. Many postpartum minds default straight to a short cut, quickly and impulsively get it done, and then grow to regret it while waiting, what feels like forever, for their hair to grow long again. While cutting it short may grant you the short term satisfaction you may desperately want postpartum, consider some of these salon services for low maintenance styles that can give you the change-up you’re looking for.

A Medium Length Asymmetrical Bob

This haircut is edgy and awesome! It’s commonly cut shortest right at the shoulder, while the other side measures 2-3 inches past, but it can be modified longer and have the same modern, cool effect. You can personalize this more by adding a fun peek-a-boo color beneath or dye it all one rich color and just box dye your roots at home when they grow in. This cut can still be long enough to fit a pony tail or sweep behind the ear and these two dying options insure you won’t need to be at the salon frequently to maintain your color.

Long Hair Ombre or Balayage

This popular celebrity look is for those who cherish their length and want to look different without compromising it with a haircut. Because your ends are bleached to look sun kissed and your roots go untouched, this type of coloring needs virtually no salon maintenance at all once it’s done. Many have had success doing it themselves with thorough YouTube tutorials and specifically Revlon’s Frost ‘N Glow kits. It’s a low risk change that reflects a sunny, fun, youthful mom even if you’ve been cooped up during your maternity leave.

Medium Length Body Wave Perm

As best seen on Julianne Hough, cutting your hair to medium length and perming a subtle wave can give you a fun and sexy, tousled look. This is super low maintenance, just use some leave-in conditioner and scrunch a little, air or blow dry and you’re set!

Bring Back “The Rachel”

It’s about that time, the 90s will be coming back around the corner. The Rachel was made famous by Jennifer Aniston’s character on the hit show Friends. It’s a sweeping bang, layered haircut that frames the face and adds a lot of body to your hair, especially when teased with a cute headband or when you “blow out” with a hairdryer and round brush. Style it many ways or not at all! It can convey sophistication and maturity, if that’s the look you’re going for. Young it up with highlights!

Pastel Colored Dip Dye

Pink for a girl or blue for a boy, take advantage of this low maintenance trend and celebrate your new bundle with this hairstyle! On both brunettes (bleach first) or blondes, a pale color “dipped” at the ends has been all the rage recently and many have been successful attempting this at home, like the balayage style. If you can’t commit or want to try it first, look for a good semi-permanent dye or try hair chalk.

Choose a hairstyle based on your face

For a new haircut, some things need to be examined before you switch to it. You need to take into account the shape and size of your face, your head, the type of hair, weight and height, and most importantly, your lifestyle. Wondering if we need all of this for a new haircut? Well … you won't regret considering all of this.

Consider the shape and size of your face and head.

For a square face, you should soften the features by using soft layers that start just below the jaw line. Slim and long hairstyles also go well with square faces.

If you have a round face, start layers on your cheeks and adopt curved, long bangs to less emphasize the roundness of your face. If you combine the layers and the long bangs, your face will appear a little longer.

All types of hairstyles go well with a perfect oval face. This type of face welcomes long, sweeping bangs as well as medium haircuts.

For a heart-shaped face, a medium-length haircut that starts just below the jaw line is best. Pony fringes on the face ends can even out the narrower face bottom.

weight size
Longer hair usually makes you look thinner, while shorter haircuts make you look heavy. The longer the hair, the shorter you appear and the shorter the hair, the larger you appear. If you are small and thin, a shorter hairstyle is enough. For robust, tall people, longer hair is better. As an experiment, you can try out some wigs or use pens or clips to see how different haircuts appear on you.

For busy, fast-paced people, a haircut would be suitable for washing and wearing. If you are leisurely, you can do haircuts that can take some time to style.

Curly or wavy hair may not take up straight and sleek haircuts. But nowadays salons work wonders on your hair. If your hair looks frizzy you can ask the salon to give you a bob like Victoria Beckham. After all, all haircuts reflect your personality, and as such, you need to choose the one that fits what you want to be in your life.

As we saw, the hairstyle fits the different face shapes and sizes. You should choose your hairstyle, taking into account the shape and size of your face. This ensures that your hairstyle suits you and complements your face shape.

From edgy to classy: nail your Durga Puja with these hairstyles!

Durga puja. With the biggest Bengal festival around the corner, it's time to choose your look for Maha-Saptami, Maha-Ashtami, Maha-Nabami and Dashami. The four days of pandal hopping, eating and hustle and bustle cannot be missed. While doing pandal hopping and eating out with friends and family, you should also make sure you are fashionable.

Your look for the festival!

The centerpiece of all your flawless Durga Puja looks is your hairstyle. Here is an overview of the trendiest hairstyles that bong girls can try out during the Durga Puja this year. However, not only get to know the stylish hairstyles, but also the right hair care. Please do not forget that your hair is exposed to the sun and dirt for longer than on normal days. So make sure to apply Ayurvedic jasmine oil every day after you return. Massage your hair with jasmine oil to avoid itchy and dry scalp.

You can also apply a few drops of jasmine-coconut oil mixture after washing your hair. The mixture acts as a conditioner and thus eliminates frizz. Now that you know how to properly care for your hair, let's take a look at the hairstyles that you can try.

Hairstyles bong girls can try out during this durga puja

Wet and loose: Unaffected. Uncomplicated. Unpretentious. This is a traditional favorite of bong girls. The festive mornings resonate with the sound of Dhaak and Durga Pushpanjali mantra. Girls generally prefer to show respect to the goddess in their favorite curtains and leave their wet hair open. The glamor associated with this look is unbeatable. One can say that this is the epitome of the "Pushpanjali" look.

Messy side braid : It's young. Its fresh. It is trendy. It is very versatile. Regardless of whether you are traveling with friends in your casual t-shirt and jeans or in a colorful saree or salwar suit, the unkempt side braid can be a good choice. It is noteworthy that this special hairstyle is a brilliant mixture of the rustic and the trendy. The side braid was very popular with previous actresses. It has made a comeback with modern improvements in recent years.

Side swept hair : Experimental and shy at the same time, this special hairstyle illustrates the "runway look". You can see many models wearing this hairstyle along with fiefdom gas and saris on the ramp. Nail the Saptami evening look in an ivory-colored Lehenga and side-swept hair. Contact a stylist for maximum effect.

The noble bun: Curls are not to be tamed. They are fun. You are your pride. There are so many girls who complain about their curls because of their seemingly wild nature. Let it be said that a sky-high (curly) bun is exactly what you need. Her seemingly messy hair is under control and it's classy too.

In fact, buns can also be rendered with a retro touch. If you're all ethnic for the Bhog ceremony, you can spice up your simple bun with a decorative barrette.

Eleven : It's nervous. It is high fashion. It is exquisite. Every time Victoria Beckham appeared publicly in Pixie, she sighed enviously on all sides. Even you know that you love Anne Hathaway more in her pixie hairstyle than in her long locks. You may have delayed the process for a long time, but you are no longer doing so. This puja, be content with the pixie cut and stand out in style.

The medium waterfall and wave look is once again a favorite of bong girls. It's been one for years. It will never go out of style.

Loose parted hair for married women : The touch of vermilion in the middle of your head emphasizes your look. A red embroidered saree in combination with this hairstyle can be your perfect Ashtami evening look. Complete your ensemble with the right accessories.

A key tip would be to try a number of hairstyles on saptami, ashtami, nabami, and dashami instead of just sticking to one. It dispels the monotony from your gaze. Make sure you pick styles that suit your personality well. The pixie cut, for example, goes well with different looks (Indian, Western and Fusion). However, not everyone can do it with composure. Don't choose a style you can't pull through. Don't just do it because your best friend does.

How to create a flip hairstyle from the 1960s

So you're at a 1960s themed party and want to create an era hairstyle? If you have shoulder length hair then the "flip" is definitely the hairstyle for you! Made famous by Mary Tyler Moore in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and Elizabeth Montgomery from the popular show "Bewitched", the "Flip" is certainly much easier to create these days than it was then. In the 1960s, women had to use large curlers and spend a lot of time under the hooded hair dryer to create this popular style. Nowadays we have the luxury of technology with curling irons and hair dryers to create the look. The "flip" was basically a style in which the hair was combed back and then flipped out at the ends to create a curl. Some women of this era combined the "flip" with a puffy style, in which the hair was curled and the top layer on the head was brushed into a tall, round, large barrel-like shape. Hilary Clinton and Barbara Streisand were among the modern bearers of the "flip", but there is less of the bloated and big, plump look of the 1960s.

The "flip" was and is a very feminine and flattering style and looks best when the "flip" ends over the shoulders. Depending on the size of the curl required, use either a small curling iron for a tight curl or a larger one for loose curls.

To achieve this look

  • Make sure your hair is free from too much product as this can make it difficult to achieve the "flip". Maybe use a light mousse.
  • Use a curling iron to twist the curl outward. It is best to do this in sections. If necessary, use hairspray to hold it in place.
  • (If your hair is too long, it may not be possible to create the "flip" as the curls may fall out.)
  • To create a "bouffant", you need to tease or comb the hair around the crown and then smooth it out with a brush. Add hairspray to keep the style intact.
  • The 1960s were also a time of the headband and the "flip" can easily be worn with this accessory. Dress it with either a wide polyester or a crocheted or satin or elastic headband. You can use a bow, feather, headscarf, or sash, and your hairstyle will be ready to rock & # 39; roll again in the 1960s!

Hairstyles for women in plus sizes

Which hairstyle is best for oversized women? Believe it or not, many oversized women ask this question. Are things really that different when it comes to oversize hairstyles for women? Yes and no.

First, let's take a look at what is common when choosing hairstyles between plus size women and women in general.

A hairstyle should complement the shape of your face. Although every face is basically oval, there are many deviations in the dimensions of the face that cause it to deviate from a purely oval shape. Below are the basic face shapes and hairstyles that complement them.

pear – This face shape has a wide chin and a narrow forehead. It is desirable to have a hairstyle that widens the forehead and at the same time draws attention away from the chin. The hair should be fuller at the top and swept away from the face to create the illusion of a fuller forehead. Avoid styles that are wider on the chin to soften a square jaw line.

place – A square forehead and an angular jaw line are the characteristics of the square face shape. Hair swept across the face and covering the forehead softens sharp angles. Shorter lengths that extend just below the chin also help soften a square jaw.

oval – Like the oversized hourglass, an oval face is suitable for almost any style. Withdrawn or worn hair shows the most of an oval face. Long hairstyles or shorter hair with some curls also look flattering on an oval face.

Round – The widest part of a round face is on the cheeks. Your goal should be to lengthen both the top and bottom of your face. Build some height on top of your head while avoiding shorter, combed back styles.

Heart-shaped – This is a triangular face shape that is wider on the forehead and has a narrow chin. Wear styles that widen your chin, e.g. B. Layered styles that slope towards your face. Shorter lengths to the middle of your neck work best.

Oversized women with long hair look particularly elegant with their hair pinned up. This works very well for formal occasions when you wear a dress or evening dress. In general, shorter, oversized women should consider shorter hairstyles to balance their torso against their legs. A silk scarf or headband tied across the forehead and under the back of the hair can add an accent to oversized hairstyles.

In the end, it is important to complement your natural properties and express your individual style and personality with your clothes, your accessories and the choice of an oversize hairstyle.

1970s hairstyle

1970s hairstyles have regained popularity recently. Not only women's hairstyles but also men jump on the train, and hairstyles like the good old mullet reappear. Ladies can really go into town with a full hairstyle to get the look of the 1970s. When the hair dryer was invented by Corsair in the 1970s, it was a pretty revolutionary time in terms of hair fashion. People were given more control over how to blow their hair in the direction they wanted it to be in the 1970s, which meant that men and women had a tendency to grow hair a little longer and a few Times and a lot to turn body.

The 1970s were an exciting time for hairstyles and fashion in general. Immediately after the 1960s there was an attitude of freedom of expression that, to say the least, led to some very avant-garde looks and bold experiments with hair, colors and cuts.

If you want to imagine the hair of that time, think of Abba and Charlie's Angels, glamor was definitely IN and hairstyles reflected this by being very styled, shiny and decorated with ornaments like headbands etc. The braids that were popular in the 1960s were transferred but fringed and subtly added to long sleek hairstyles. Short hair in the 1970s included bobs and bangs, choppy layers, and lots of definition.

The hairstyles of the 1970s now incorporate the glamor and revolution of the 1970s, but with the superior styling skills of modern hairdressers and the tools at their disposal, the look of the 1970s has evolved into something that is retro, however looks, actually looks very modern.

Use ceramic flat irons for a smooth, ultra-straight look. Attach a thin braid. If you're under 30, you can probably wear a mid-vertex from the 1970s. If you're a guy, grow your hair and bring some shapes in your look. From the classic mullet to a good old short back and sides. The seventies were fun and 1970s hairstyles showed this and brought new opportunities to everyone.

Cute short hairstyles and haircut ideas

So the new season is coming and it's time to find new cute short hairstyles and haircut ideas for a fresh new look. Regardless of whether you already have short hair or want to try a new look by changing your long hair that you have had for a long time, you will be amazed at how fresh your new hairstyle will make you feel.

From time to time, we all need a little change to add spice to our lives. Some people remodel their house, others go on vacation, and sometimes it's fun to get a new hairstyle or haircut for a change when the new season comes.

So why a short cute hairstyle?

Although long hair can be beautiful, the designs and styles you can apply to it are pretty limited. But when it comes to short hair, you can easily find dozens and even hundreds of new looks and various unique haircut ideas to choose from.

It is also easier to maintain and keep your short hair healthy. That is why many modern women opt for shorter hairstyles. Because it's easier to care for and looks good on both curly and straight hair.

Top 3 ways to find cute hairstyle ideas

1. Popular celebrity hairstyles

Did you know? The average celebrity spends so much time choosing his hairstyle and outfit that you'll be surprised to hear it. So why not use the fruits of their careful efforts and be inspired by the beautiful haircut ideas they discovered?

Just take a look at your favorite stars in TV shows, movies, and awards shows around you, and you're guaranteed to find some stunning cute short haircuts that you'll find interesting.

2. Free online makeover programs

Do you want to make sure a hairstyle definitely fits you well before actually cutting your hair off? Then you can easily try out free online makeover programs that allow you to try out different haircuts.

All you have to do is upload your photo to the website and choose the hairstyle you want to test on your face. This is the perfect risk-free solution to ensure that your favorite design really suits you.

3. It's all around you

Yes, it's that simple. All you have to do is look around the next time you walk down the street or into your office. You will be surprised at how many different attractive short cute hairstyles people have that can give you brilliant ideas for your own.